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About Us

"Loving Our Food is an exclusive Guide featuring the finest food experiences in
Saint Augustine. You're invited to experience and co-create incredible dining experiences with your loved ones, friends and family as your visit our recommended venues!

As you turn the page of delectable photos and menus, you'll also discover a convenient QR Code to scan with your mobile phone and get directed straight to that restaurant's website. Share in their stories and delight in their journeys.

You'll find Loving Our Food strategically placed throughout the city in the best hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and highly traveled destinations, including the Visitor's Center . Each publication there are feature stories of amazing Chefs, Bakers, Creators, Restauranteurs, and many of the unique attribute of our heritage city." 
- Angela Moonan Co-creator Loving Our Food

About Angela
Creator of LOF

Born and raised in a small town on the shores of Lake Ontario, I learned my affinity for being near or on the water would stay with me all my life," says Angela Moonan. "When I visited Saint Augustine with my daughter (a student at Flagler College), I was hooked on it's natural beauty, its' music, its' history, and of course, its' food! Growing up in an Italian family, food has always represented celebration and connecting to our neighbors, churches, and community.


The blessings abound here in our nation's oldest city. It's a privilege to share this time and place with you through Loving Our Food.


What a thrill! After twenty-five years of running my own marketing and media consultancy, to now help bring to life and celebrate the finest food experiences in the city I've come to love and call Home, is truly such an honor and an incredible gift." 

Angela Moonan Saint Augustine FL_edited.

Angela Moonan, Co-Creator of Loving Our Food


If you're interested in becoming a Contributor to Loving Our Food... 

Please contact us!

McKenna Moonan

Kelley Fitzsimonds

Sonja Willets Loving Our Food.png

Sonja Willets

Darlene Christianson

Mary Bellavista food photographer loving our food saint augustine.jpg

Mary Bellavista

McKenna Moonan

Contributor, Photographer

Continuously inspired by the St. Augustine backdrop, McKenna's point of view behind and in front of the camera helps LOF present these gorgeous images and videos to you of our town!


Originally from New York and now an international relations and political science student at Flagler College, McKenna is working side-by-side with her mother, Angela, to bring you LOF in full and living color!

Kelley Fitzsimonds


Special needs dad and loving husband first, Kelley is a twenty-plus year bar professional heading up the spirits department at Amici Italian restaurant.


Kelley loves to mentor and support others in the bar community and has been bartending in St. Augustine for sixteen-years since moving here from the Atlanta area.

Here are Loving Our Food we refer to Kelley as Bon Vivant, and we promise you, you'll enjoy his "In the Weeds" interview articles!

Sonja Willets

Marketing & PR

LOF is excited to welcome St Augustine native Sonja Willets to our Marketing & PR Team! She also heads up the social media and customer engagement programs for LOF. A Wife and a Mom to two beautiful daughters, Sonja and her husband Jay, are in love with this area they call home.


With a true southern charm and style, Sonja understands the elements of a five star experience and is thrilled to help LOF and our patron restauranteurs deliver it each and every time!

Darlene Christianson


Hailing from Canada, Darlene married a retired US Army Military Officer and has lived all over this beautiful country, from the west coast to the east coast including Washington-DC, and now new to beautiful St. Augustine. She is the proud mom to two grown ups and two pups. Her background includes sales, European tour guide, specializing in military history, wine /culinary tours, travel writing, television host and avid community volunteer. She is excited to join LOF as a contributor sharing her experiences and insights with this incredible magazine.  

Mary Bellavista


The latest addition of incredible talent to your Loving Our Food Team is... Mary Bellavista! Mary is from Virginia and moved to Florida in 2014. She’s always needed a way to express her creativity and after the birth of her first child, she channeled that creative energy into photography. She loves photographing families, food and everyday lifestyle in St. Augustine, Florida. She is a mother of 3 and loves the flexibility, creativity, and connections her business has provided to her the last 6 years. Mary has a truly unique eye for capturing the art of the moment and we're thrilled to have her along for the LOF journey.



Edward Molloy, PBS

"I have worked with Angela and her clients for the past seven years. I have known her for many more. Angela is an ultimate professional that cares about her clients. She has the instincts and the creativity that enables clients to move forward with their marketing goals. If you have tough marketing goals that need solving she is the person that can get the job done for you. I would highly recommend that you take the time to help yourself and your company move forward."


Nick Ruscito, LP&M Advertising

"I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Angela on a variety of projects. Her positivity fuels her natural ability to tell engaging stories that will capture the attention of an audience. She has a wealth of knowledge and is able to communicate in a way that inspires others. I trust Angela. She has helped me evolve on a personal and professional level by motivating me to keep moving forward."


Vinny Lobdell, Wellness CEO, Pure & Healthway

"I have had the pleasure with working with Angela over the past several years. She always brings fresh energy and good ideas to the table and has a strong network of professionals that she collaborates with bringing a concept to fruition quickly. Have also appreciated her commitment to the local community."


Fred Wickham, Chief Creative Officer, Winery Connect

Angela has been an incredible positive influence on the Hazlitt Winery culture. She has helped us divine, define and refine our marketing and consumer experience. Moving forward, we look forward to working with her and continuing to expand on the success we are already realizing as a result of her efforts.

Sainte George LOF 2.jpg


Trina Tardone, American Heart Association

"Angela is hugely energetic, highly focused and has a unique knack for finding the sweet spot in which strategic marketing plans germinate. She is remarkably visual and clever. This is a major reason why she has been successful increasing demand for her clients’ products and services. She is driven, tenacious and always brings contagious, enthusiasm to all projects. This makes her great to work with and did I mention she is a wonderful conversationalist which makes her great to lunch with!"

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