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Photo courtesy of Melissa Marcarelli

Expressions from the Heart

The Unfolding Journey of Kyle Forson, Chef, Forager & Teacher

Food is a medium for beautiful expression, allowing the artist to both give and receive. Because of that, it has the power to change lives. It takes a teacher to understand that. At the First Coast Technical College (FCTC) of St. Augustine, Kyle Forson is making a difference. He’s guiding aspiring chefs, restauranteurs, re-inventors, and creators alike to express their passion for food, for connection, for creating. This young, yet wise and accomplished chef in his own right, knows what his students know: That Kyle Forson’s in the exact place he is meant to be.

What You'll Love About Chef Barry Honan...

"Oo it's so good! Coming Soon" 

Each month listen to the Loving Our Food podcast where we interview the talented, spirited, shining Saint Augustine star that's our feature Spotlight Story in Loving Our Food.

Download here ...or wherever podcasts are served up!

An artful glimpse at Chef Honan's creations...


All Chef Honan photos courtesy of Melissa Marcarelli

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