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A Step Back In Time...

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Strolling by the beautiful Peña Peck House on Saint George Street in downtown Saint Augustine, you’d never know all the history that this one house holds..

Built circa 1750 for Royal Spanish Treasurer Juan Estevan de Peña, and finally occupied by the Peck family descendants until the last family member’s death in 1931, the Peña-Peck House is among the oldest colonial buildings in Saint Augustine.

Through the years, the house has gone through many changes; a British occupation, a purchase by Francisco Xavier Sanchez then the purchase and renovation by Dr. Seth Peck in 1837. Thus giving the house its name; The Peña Peck House.

Managed by the Women’s Exchange Club since 1932, The Peña Peck House hosts private social events, tours and a gift shop.

Let’s talk more about the Women’s Exchange Club, a history all its own…

The Woman’s Exchange of St. Augustine, founded in 1892, is a non-profit organization and part of the National Federation of Woman’s Exchanges. Federation members follow in the footsteps of women in the 19th century who began Woman’s Exchanges to help other women who had fallen on hard times. These women discreetly placed their handmade items and home-cooked food in Exchanges where they were sold. Like the St. Augustine Exchange, a number of those 19th century Woman’s Exchanges are still in business today and are members of the Federation.”

The local members of the Women's Exchange Club stepped in when the city considered denying the building stay as is for the people of the city because it wouldn’t receive any taxes for the occupation. Through their volunteer efforts to support the Peña-Peck House Museum, they give hand-crafters a venue for selling their products in the gift shop, as well as provide scholarships for deserving women who are returning to school to prepare for new careers.

Having attended many of their famous traditional weekly luncheons, weddings as well as purchased wonderful locally made gifts from their store, I can say the The Peña Peck House house is a special place for both locals and those who visit our wonderful city.

Laissez Les bon temps Rouler…

On Tuesday, March 1st, 2022, The Peña Peck House will transform into the French Quarter and casino to celebrate Fat Tuesday's Mardi Gras. On the heels of Nights of Lights it was only fitting to name this event Nights of Vice. If you fancy a mask and enjoy King Cake you need to grab some tickets and head on down for a fun filled evening. Word is they are almost sold out so don't miss your chance to enjoy an evening under the lights of this historical venue.

Registration and Tickets

Loving Our Food is the title sponsor of the event and we look forward to seeing you glitter, sparkle and shine!

LOF will also be sharing more on this women led organization and their cause in our Spring issue.

Soignez vous-autres!


You can learn more about The Peña Peck House and Museum as well as the Women’s Exchange Club by visiting their website;


Check out their social media pages:

*Photographs used in this article were obtained via the Peña Peck website, with permission.

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