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All Under One Roof

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The Scoop on Local Refillery

Loving Our Food’s inspiration comes from the community in which we all live, laugh and prosper. Dedicated to showcasing all things food including local events and unique experiences.

Current State of Affairs..

I am writing this article the week after Thanksgiving, the leftovers are done and a holiday of indulgence is behind us. I take these few weeks before Christmas to try and make some healthier food decisions.

Call to Action..

This brings me to 215 West King Street, the home of The Local Refillery. The Refillery is home to a few businesses that share the same beliefs and is such a cool concept!

History in the Making.. I was able to spend some time with Jared Bastin, owner of Peace In A Nutshell. In our talk Jared shared how he met Jon Veniard, Cultivate Tea and Spice Company, at the local farmers market at the AMP. During their encounter, Jared realized Jon had the same goal; to provide good quality, responsibly sourced, organic products. As Jared put it,"A friendship that sparked at the farmers market blossomed into a business in a brick and mortar."

Jon, Diane and Jared. Photo credit: Cole Locurto

How did it come together?...

Enter Diane Lee, Diane owns the CBD Supply House that was in place where The Local Refillery now exists. Diane carries all things CBD for health and pain and anxiety management. Around 2019, all three businesses merged to become the Local Refillery. This is your one stop shop for organic cleaning supplies, herbs and spices, vegan mylks, nut butters and CBD therapy for you and your pets.

How does it all work?...

The concept is simple; reduce, reuse and recycle. You bring your vessel of choice and hand it to the clerk, they weigh it and fill it with what you need. From environment friendly reef safe laundry detergent to bay leaves and off you go! Very competitive pricing for the quality of goods and no wasteful packaging! WIN WIN, right?

Want to hang out? ...

The Refillery has an ice beverage bar to enjoy a tea or latte while your order is being filled and I always find myself losing track of time as I look around and talk with lovely folks that work there.

Ready to begin a journey of healthier sustainable living or want to learn more? Do yourself a favor and go check out this awesome business right in the heart of the West King Street business district and say hello from Loving Our Food.

Follow The Refillery on Instagram to keep up with their latest news, items and more.


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Little Blue Cooler Productions LLC

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