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Historic Downtown Dining

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Thank You for visiting Loving Our Food! LOF is a locally created restaurant guide of the finest dining available in Saint Augustine. We're gearing up for our inaugural issue on October 1st and working on some wonderful St. Augustine Stories for you to enjoy here in our Blog. So please do come back again and again - like your favorite restaurant. Thank You for Loving Our Food! Gracias! Merci! Grazie! Arigato! Danke! Mahalo! Thanks Y'All!

fine dining in historic downtown saint augustine loving our food with angela moonan

Welcome to one of the most unique dining experiences on the planet! Downtown dining in The Ancient City heightens all of the senses. The sounds, the sights, the echo of guitar strings off the centuries-old coquina walls... and that's before you step across the threshhold!

Do you have a favorite restaurant you've already discovered? Whether you prefer a trendy spot or you’re going for a more classic fine dining style - there’s enough gorgeous presentation and five star customer service in store for everyone.

What's It Like To Dine In Historic Downtown St. Augustine?

Do you appreciate the fine art of fine dining? Then hang on to your silverware as we take you on a tasty adventure into the downtown dining experience in St. Augustine. Chances are you've experienced fine dining in many sweet spots across the country. Diningis in a historic location takes your experience to the level of extraordinary! There’s no place quite like St. Augustine, Florida – unless, of course, you travel to the country of Spain. For the domestic United States, however, this historic Floridian city is a hidden gem that will leave you with unforgettable experiences. Being the oldest city in the country that was originally settled by the Spanish, there’s an incredible amount of knowledge to be gained from the history that exists here.

Food Makes The Destination - Prepared to Perfection

A staple component of any trip to a new town or city is arguably universal, and that is – you guessed it – FOOD! There’s no denying that people always have food on their mind when arriving at their final destination, and if you’re traveling to St. Augustine, it’s home to countless gourmet restaurants and fine dining experiences. Dining in a historic city makes for a memorable time with friends and family, and it has the potential to broaden perspectives when it comes to appreciating “the finer things in life.” It’s important to note that fine dining restaurants have extensive collections of fine wines and signature cocktails, along with desserts that are out of this world.

Indulging in the fine tastes of St. Augustine, FL

In a location like St. Augustine, having the option to indulge in the finest drinks, dinners, and desserts is just the cherry on top of the irreplaceable historic qualities one can enjoy while visiting our unique city. Surrounded by Spanish architecture and important landmarks, dining in the historic section of St. Augustine will leave you feeling like you’ve traveled to Europe and are immersed in a different world, all while enjoying delicious meals that are prepared to perfection.

Interested in having your fine dining restaurant featured in Loving Our Food? Contact Us and let's talk. Cheers!

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