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Loving Our Veterans

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

A Big Thank You to Our Veterans from all of us at Loving Our Food!

Veterans Day is upon us. It's a special time to remember and honor all those who have served this great country. Men, women, young and old, from several distinctive backgrounds, for all different reasons. They all exemplify what it is to be a proud American. One of the things I miss about living in the DC area is having the great opportunity to be a DC guardian with Honor Flights. Meeting so many heroes, hearing so many stories, and experiencing so many special moments together.

We Honor Them

Honor Flight Network organizes trips for WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Vets to DC, visiting the many memorials and monuments. This is a special day for these men and women who served their country in a time of need. As each honor flight plane lands and heads towards it’s gate it is met with a special water cannon salute. This distinctive honor is orchestrated by the airport fire department. A firetruck is parked on either side and as the plane passes it is sprayed a rainbow of water. This is a sign of respect, honor, and gratitude.

The Veterans arrival is a great celebration, people clapping, shaking hands, bands playing, choirs singing and even swing dancers sometimes dancing to 40s music. A great hero’s welcome. The day has begun!

We Remember Them

While in Washington DC the Vet’s Day is filled with many highlights, The Iwo Jima Memorial, The Korean Memorial, The Vietnam Wall, The WWII Memorial, The Airforce Memorial, and many more. The trip can be very bittersweet at times. I have seen many a tear shed. A bus full of chatter undoubtedly silences as we pass through the pristine green lawns and the rows of bright white tombstones at Arlington Cemetery. The Vets take their place at the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. Centered in the middle of Arlington Cemetery is the place of the Unknown Soldier, a place of respect and great remembrance. Many Veterans who visit the different memorials depending on where and when they served, take a moment of silence for the lost. By visiting these sites, they are remembered.

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