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Shout out to St Augustine

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

What Keeps YOU Coming Back for More?

My husband and I are newcomers to this beautiful city. One of the great draws to St. Augustine is the incredible “foodie” culture. This whole area offers a plethora of delectable world class tastes, creative and memorable dining adventures. So many people are relocating here like us, and are on a quest to find their favorite dining destinations. I like to keep it simple, breaking it down into three elements: Ambience, service, food and wine.

Allow the Ambience to Transport You…

You know that feeling when you walk into a new place and feel welcome? A magical place that takes you away for a few hours. A dining experience that transports you to another country, a romantic getaway, or intrigues you with its eclectic design. The lighting might be dimmed, well-designed décor, or the soft music playing in the background. The stage is set, creating a wonderfully warm ambience that you already long to return to.

Standout Service

Have you ever had a dining experience where at the end of the evening you leave feeling like you have gained a new appreciation for the knowledge that your server holds? The server’s demonstrated passion for the carefully thought-out dishes, down to the preparation and the wine pairings. Attention to detail, providing professional service with a smile and making you feel like the most important person in the room. Always there to answer questions and guide you through an amazing and memorable event. Kudos to the managers and owners who select the best, give the ultimate training, and mentorship, building incredible teams who provide impeccable service - Thank you!

If Food is the Body of Good Living - Wine is its Soul

Clifton Fadiman

Let’s get to the good stuff

Nothing compares to a perfect meal. A chef creating a tantalizing presentation, mixed with well thought out curations highlighting local bounties. A team of innovators in the kitchen, producing fresh flavors, topped with a dollop of creativity and fun. There is a special story being told, your meal evolving into an unforgettable journey. These are mouth-watering dishes that entice you to come back again and again. Let’s not forget the time and expertise that goes into the selection process of creating a list of wines that beautifully compliment the menu. Wines and cocktail selections that spark memories, evoking travel, and enhancing the overall fine dining experience.

We are thrilled to be here in St Augustine and explore the many wonderful restaurants and dining experiences. This is my roadmap when searching for my next favorite dining destination. What are you looking for in the perfect dining experience? What keeps you going back for more? Do tell…

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