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The Art of a Saint Augustine Moment

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

"Yes, I am here."

‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.’ In a time when so much feels uncertain, there is newfound strength and creativity brewing. Creators must create. That is their path. And there is always a new path to be forged. There is always the next step to be taken. Step by step, moment to moment, there are gifts to behold, and new ventures to unfold. Some doors may close, so that others may open. Commitments are renewed, new friendships are celebrated and always, there is food that can nourish the body and soul.

The makers and tasters, artists and innovators featured here have a wish for you: That you soak up all the beauty our magical city has to offer you. That you let your cares wash out to sea while you look to the horizon and say ‘Yes, I am here.’ The art of the moment is right here, right now. With the turn of every page you’re invited to join us on this culinary journey. Those who work so tirelessly to entertain, to create artful, memorable experiences for you… do so because it’s their passion. It’s their calling. It’s their creative path. And they await your arrival.

Indeed it is time for giving Thanks in the Ancient City. It is time to be present, to be open, to laugh and dance, to hug and sing. It is time for celebrating the gift of every moment we’re granted. It is time for Loving Our Food.

A huge Thank You! to those featured in our special inaugural, beachside photo shoot (left to right): Jaime and Vera of Sainte-George Restaurant, Angela & Sonja of Loving Our Food, Alayna of Southern Vibes Tasting Room, Kelley the Consummate Cocktail Bon Vivant, Simone & Kevin of Simone’s Wood-Fired Craft Kitchen and in front, Diane & Theo of Coffee House Realty Cafe.

Thank You all for shining so brightly. It's an honor and an privilege to help share your brilliant stories.

Photography by McKenna Moonan, Set styled by Angela Moonan

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