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Wine is the Answer - What was the Question?

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Five Questions to Ask Your Sommelier or Server

Many of us have been there. We are out for a special dinner, the server hands us their long list of wines and we have no idea where to begin. The whole process of choosing the right bottle of wine may be a little overwhelming. Don’t let it be. Your Sommelier or server with the foundational wine knowledge is standing by to guide you through this seemingly complicated journey. Let’s break it down into five easy questions to assist you through the mystical world of wine.

1. What Wines Are Best Paired with Our Food Selections?

Wine-and-Food pairing matches the flavor intensity enhancing and complimenting your meal. First tantalize your palate with a sparkling wine or champagne, preparing your taste buds for an amazing gastronomic experience. To enjoy the fully the golden guideline is to match a robust full-bodied red with a heavier meal such as a steak, pork roast, fattier meals. White wines are suggested with seafood dishes, chicken, and lighter entrees. Balance is key. This is YOUR experience. Always drink wines you love, but also allow yourself to be open to trying something new. You may be pleasantly surprised!

2. What Wines Are You Excited About Right Now?

These are the little gems that sparkle. That special wine from a different region, maybe an innovative new award winner from a boutique winery. The sommelier might share a fun fact, personal experience or interesting story about the winemaker.

Be prepared to try something new and be impressed! I found a delicious

Lebanese wine by asking this exact question.

3. What Wines offer the Best Quality and Value?

Let’s face it, not everyone has an unlimited budget. We share the need to find the best quality within our price range. Don’t be afraid to ask about specials. Don’t be intimidated to ask what is the best wine within your price range?

4. I love … What Would You Suggest that is Similar in Flavor & Style?

Drink what you love! When choosing a wine, why not share with your server or sommelier what you love and why. Be specific. What do you love about your favorite wine? Do you love a full rich robust wine or a lighter crisp and airy wine? What about buttery or dry oaky finish? These questions will help your sommelier through a process of elimination to uncover what delicious wine will meet and exceed your wine cravings. Many offer tastes to narrow down your selection prior to ordering a full bottle. Please note, this option may be available if that selection is also offered by the glass because the bottle is most likely already opened.

5. How Do you Store your Wines & What Glasses Are Best?

Ask the experts, how is your wine stored? This can make all the difference in the health of the wine. It is recommended to store your wine on its side, in a dark cool place with consistent temperature control and no vibration.

What glasses are best for serving? Serving your wine in the proper glass affects the taste. General

rule is to serve your white wines in a glass with smaller narrower opening and reds in broader

bowls. Tall narrow flutes are recommended for sparkling wines and champagnes

Wine is Juice with More Life Experience

The wonderful world of wine is a beautiful learning curve full of hills and valleys. There is so much to learn and uncover. Your sommeliers vast knowledge and expertise will steer you through building your wine know-how. Life’s too short for bad wine-Ask the questions!

Cheers to you and enjoy!


*Resources: Heather - Sainte - George Restaurant

Alayna - Southern Vibes Tasting Room & Wine Cellar

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